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A glider built by Dieter Maiberg, made sinking without lead, just by using hardwood.
At the top a perche-color crankbait, that dives from one up to two meters and has a very fierce action. With builtin rattler. Built and designed by Dieter Maiberg. At the bottom a copy of a very old crankbait from the USA that is described in the book "Old tackle and lures" by Carl F. Lucky.
A 13cm long crankbait, floating, with a very special action. Designed and built by Dieter Maiberg. The bip was bought at Moore's Lures and is made out of lexane.
A copy of The Heddon Hellbender, built by Dieter Maiberg out of wood, just by looking at old pictures in a book. It dives very deep!
3 Buzzers of 8cm designed by Dieter Maiberg abd very good for perche. Exept perche these surface lures brought Dieters wife a pike of 85cm long.
At the top a Sick Sucker, an old surface lure that needs to be fished by the skim&swim methode (so as well on the surface as below the surface). The original design was by Charles K. Fox, and is taken out of the "Book of Lures". At the bottom a copy of an old crankbait from the '40 that was named
'Barney Google'.
A 8cm whirlygig and a shakepeare swimming mouse, both built by Dieter Maiberg.
A Jerkbait by Dieter Maiberg, his own design. The tail hangs down in the surface at rest. The rudder at the end are made by Dieter himself out of thick aluminum. The lure is 13 cm, but he builts them in 17 cm also. And for perche in 5 cm. Dives up to 1m.
A great with lead weighted spinnerbait. Built by Dirk.
An old Bobbie bait and a jointed, old suick.
10cm Popper by Dirk, color: frog, makes a lot of noise.
The Bagley B-flat: 8" long, barely floating, if you fish it back with short taps the flanks will show lots of flash. When you fish it with long pulls, it will turn on his back and won't turn back to the original position until you stop the pull. Used to be sold by Bagley, but they discontinued this lures for sales.
Crane jerkbait #408 (so 8" or 20cm), floating. Also sold as 6" in the eighties.
13cm Cobb's glider in silver tiger, built by Dirk.
6.5" Cobb's jerkbait, floating and made from hardwood. It's a twitchbait (so floats and dives with a lot of flanking action) but can also be used as a glider. It weighs 1.5oz (45g) and is painted in a shad-color.
Bob& Mark's custom 6" Provoker jerkbait (not for sale anymore).
Divani hybrid 14cm, floating and diving jerkbait up to 1m deep, color: roach.
This is a small glider of 11cm. Built by Luc De Lange.
Three 9cm versions of the Ludela, also built by Luc. Magnificent colors.
Also 9cm versions of the Ludela. Built by Luc. Slow Sinking. Very nice finish.
Freddie's glider, chartreuse tiger, 6" slow siking glider.
A Grim Reaper jerkbait that can be used as a diver as well as a crankbait.
Grim Reaper "half shaft", a nice jerkbait that used to be sold by Grim Reaper.
A 10" (25cm) jointed jerkbait built by Ed Latiano.
A jointed pike-fly tied by Ad Swier (10" or 25cm long).
An old Bobbie bait.
An original striker Jr from the jerkbait collection of Dirk. These were made by Dick Gries, a musky-guide from Wisconsin.
An original Zig Zag bait built by Donn Pfeiffer, 7" long and colored perch.
The first version of this glider.
Two streamers built by Dirk.
A homemade Ukko crankbait, the shallow version of 26cm. Built by Ronny Laermans.
They swim just perfect, without adding lead!
A Beavertail 6.25"
Two Divani 2 gliders. Built by Dirk.
Divani XL jerkbait, 18cm and hybrid. Suspending, dives up to 2m deep.
Color: reversed perch. Built by Dirk.
Divani EP glider, 14cm long and flat shaped. Very slowsinking and very good slide from left to right, color: walleye. Built by Dirk.
Ludela 15cm by Luc De Lange, just floating and has a very good wobble.
A beautiful color (black with silver glitters).
Jointed glider 14cm, slowsinking and has a snake-like action with the belly wobbling.
Color: golden perch. Built by Dirk.
VG II, have no name for the color, a twitchbait of 12.5cm, floating and diving,
with an action of a Bill Lewis ratler. Built by Dirk.
Fighting Minnow in "Folkscale": Hand turned Red Cedar with through wire construction Stainless steel prop and belly hook hanger with epoxyed, brass 1/2" micro cabinet screws. The finish is a hand drawn "folkscale" pattern done with a Micron 03 permanent marker. Completed with two layers of Envirotex Lite epoxy. With two VMC 3/0 2XStrong treble hooks. Built by Gale Oxley.
Double Prop Fighting Musky Minnow in "Black/Gold Tiger": Hand turned Malaysian White cedar with through wire construction. Stainless steel props and belly hook hangers with epoxied, brass 1/2" micro cabinet screws. The paints used were oil-based lacquers. With two layers of Envirotex Lite epoxy and rigged with three VMC 5/0 4XStrong round bend treble hooks. Built by Gale Oxley.
3T Fighting Minnow in "Natural": Hand turned Malaysian White cedar with through wire construction. Stainless steel prop. Rigged with a through wire hook-spreader made of .050 diameter stainless steel brite finish wire. Wood stains were used to tint the wood over which two layers of Envirotex Lite epoxy were applied. The lure is rigged with three VMC 3/0 2XStrong round bend trebles. Built by Gale Oxley.
A Ludela 15cm by Luc De Lange. Sprayed in a beautiful colorpattern.
How it all began. All cranckbaits built by Luc De Lange (builder of the Ludela).
These are two twitchbaits, 6" in length. They float and dive when retrieved with long pulls with a lot of flanking action. These lures are inspired by the TR Twitcher, made by Terry Rockteschel, USA.
Built by Dirk.
This is the newest creation of Swede. They are dipped in clear plastic, like the rapala's.
A little jerkbait called The Roach, built by Luc De Lange.
Based on the original Heiddy of Eddy te Mebel.
A new model by Luc De Lange. It has no name yet.
One of the first ones of Luc De Lange. It's a copy of the Ukko 40 cm.
Also a jerkbait built by Luc. It's his version of the TJ3.
Again two lures from the collection of Luc De Lange. These are also some of his first ones.
They are replica's of the Nilsmaster 35 cm.
Two Little Ludela from the collection of Luc De Lange. What a great finish!
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