You want to built your own spinners, spreaders, leaders and other wire things but you are not that handy with a pair of roundnosed pliers. Every try you end up with a strange eye-like piece of steel. Then the Boggs Tacklemaker is the tool for you. It makes working with strand steel wire childsplay


You can put the Boggs Tacklemaker together is a few simple steps. When you buy it, you receive a clear manual that shows you what to do. The Boggs Tacklemaker is meant to be mounted on a workingbench. If you have enough space you can mount it on a workingbench using to fitting screws that are sold seperately. But when you always need more space, like me, you can make your Boggs Tacklemaker removable. Don't be afraid. It is not hard. Anybody can do this. You only need a wooden shelf and two glueclamps. Make sure that the shelf is thick and long enough. Between 2 and 2,5 cm is fine. And the length should be twice the length of the Boggs Tacklemaker. Mount the Boggs Tacklemaker on the the shelf as you would mount it on a workingbench. U use exactely the same screws. Make sure the screws are not to long. Otherwise they will come out of the shelf. Then you take the shelf with the Boggs Tacklemaker mounted on it and mount it with the two glue clamps on to the edge of your workingbench. And you are ready to go. And when you are finished with your Boggs Tacklemaker simply remove the two clamps and use the workingbench for something else.

Using the Boggs Tacklemaker:

Using the Boggs Tacklemaker is very easy. In the manual are some basic examples, but your possibilities are unlimited. Just use your imagination. And when you want some more information, just go to the Boggs Tacklemaker website, and press the button "Video". There are some detailed movieclips that show you step by step what you can do.

Expanding possibilities:

The Boggs Tacklemaker can easily be adjusted for other diameters of steel wire. In order to do so you need to buy an adaptorset. Just change some parts and you are done.

Therefore a professional tool with a lot of options. Defenitely worth the investment. Even when you are a pro with a pair of roundnosed pliers it is a great tool that helps you decrease produktiontime. And that leaves you with more time for other projects.

I can really advise it! If you are interested and want to learn more about the Boggs Tacklemaker surf to www.luresandstuff.nl.